Our Hire Agreement
You should read it to understand your rights.


By hiring any goods from NTACentre Ltd  and signing this agreement you are agreeing that you have read and understood the below information, and agree to abide by its terms.

 1.       All hire weapons, equipment and clothing remains the property of  NTACentre Ltd and as such will not be removed by the hirer or third party from the Site under any circumstances.

2.       Any person removing equipment or clothing from the designated game site boundary will be considered to be intentionally removing these items without the owner’s permission, and as such will be reported to the police immediately, and a prosecution will be sought against this person.

3.       To hire any weapons equipment or clothing from NTACentre the hirer must provide an approved form of identification (see below) to NTACentre staff at the point of collection and have the form of ID recorded.  Hirers also agree to have their photograph recorded, upon taking receipt of the agreed weapons, equipment and clothing.

a.       An approved form of identification for the purposes of hiring from  are one form of photograph ID (driving licence, Passport, ‘Prove it’ national ID card, NUS card). A digital image of this identification will be recorded by NTACentre staff at the point of their presentation. These will be used as evidence should the hirer fail to return the hired equipment at the agreed time and date.

b.       A digital photograph of the hirer will be taken by NTACentre staff at the point of collection of equipment. This is taken to record an evidential image of the hirer taking possession of the equipment for the duration of the hire agreement and can be used as evidence should the hirer fail to return the hired equipment at the agreed time and date.

c.       All digital images of the ID provided by the hirer and the hirer him/herself will be deleted once the NTACentre staff are in agreement that all hired equipment has been returned in satisfactory order and at the agreed time and date.

d.       The hirer has the right to witness the above digital images being deleted when the above requirements are met and NTACentre staff will facilitate this.


 4.       All equipment and clothing is expected to be returned in working and good order. Due to the nature of the sport, minor ‘wear and tear’ is expected and accepted. Above average or extensive damage to the equipment, clothing or weapons as the result of misuse or reckless behaviour or use on the part of the hirer will result in any costs for repairs and replacements being charged to the hirer as well as administration costs to cover the time necessary to facilitate the repairs. (A full list of the replacement costs for weapons, equipment and clothing is available on the ntac.co.uk website).  Any repairs required to weapons will be carried out by an approved airsoft gunsmith/technician, and a receipt for these repairs can be supplied to the hirer as part of the hirer repair charge process of required. Examples of damage to weapons equipment and clothing not covered by the hire agreement include but are not limited to:

a.       External damage to the weapons such as fractured/damaged body parts and accessories (this does not include accepted wear and scuff marks that are considered ‘normal’ Wear and Tear).

b.       Internal barrel, hop-up or gearbox damage as the result of ammunition not supplied by NTACentre being used in the weapon.

c.       Heavy tearing to clothing.

d.       Broken straps or linkages on clothing or equipment.

e.       Pouches and accessories damaged or torn from clothing or equipment.

f.        Any missing weapons, equipment or clothing, or parts of these missing from the main item.

5.       Any damage or lost/missing equipment or clothing will be reported to/recorded by NTACentre staff before the hirer leaves the game site, and the hirer will be expected to pay for these recorded breakages/losses either on site or by an agreed later date by a means agreed to by NTACentre staff. Failure to pay for these damages/losses will result in a civil recovery claim being made by NTACentre Ltd. towards the hirer. All digital images recorded under Section 3 of this agreement may be retained and used as evidence in such a civil recovery case.

6.       The hirer is expected to use the hired weapons and equipment only in a manner as directed by NTACentre staff, and in accordance with the advice and directions given by NTACentre staff upon collection. Failure to do so, or using the weapons and equipment in a manner not advised by, or specifically forbidden by NTACentre staff will result in it being considered ‘misuse or reckless behaviour or use’ on the part of the hirer. This can result in the NTACentre staff withdrawing all hired weapons equipment and clothing from hirer without warning given, and without refund.

7.       The hirer must not alter, modify or adapt any part of the weapon or its accessories in any way. If the hirer feels the weapon is not performing acceptably they shall notify a member of NTACentre staff who will perform any alterations needed.

8.       In the event of a weapon or piece of equipment or clothing breaking/failing in use NOT as a result of misuse or reckless behaviour or use by the hirer, the hirer will be provided with a direct replacement item, subject to availability. In the event that NTACentre cannot provide a direct replacement item then an equivalent item of equal or greater standard shall be offered. Alternatively, at the discretion of NTACentre staff, a refund of the difference may be given. The amount of refund offered will be at the discretion of NTACentre staff depending on the difference in weapon equipment or clothing offered.

9.       The duration of the hire agreement will be for the duration of the game session (as directed by the game site organiser, for a maximum period not exceeding 7 hours). The hire agreement does NOT include the entire day on which the hire package is booked (i.e. not for a 24 hour period). Please note : Weekend Games may differ.