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We have been running a Club since 2009 under the name of (Andys Airsoft) then NTAC at various locations, Shildon 1st, building a site from scratch where only a few attended to 80-100 players every Sunday, 8yrs later we were told to leave by Land Owner so that he can run the site themselves, bad form indeed...We then tried Leasingthorne, but caused major Local problems with public right of way through the site and local council refusal to allow building of structures... Plodding on @ April 2016 running under the name of Northeast Tactical Action Centre (NTAC) at Quarry House Wooids, Elemore Lane, Pittington, the old NSC Site where i started Airsoft over 20yrs ago...OMG...The chaps from NSC left the area and moved up Boldon first then Ponteland now, not telling the Land Owner @ Pittington at all, he asked NSC chaps and the reply "we wanted to try somewhere else" they were given option to remove anything the left but chose not too and 8mths Later Starting from near scratch again I started, lots of clearance to expand the car park, having planning permission for the site made it easer as many sites in the UK do not have this in place, various structures were built Expanding the game experience for Airsoft at this Site with the added Laser-Tag & Nurf Soft for the kids with Live Fire clay shooting and Air Rifle Ranges opening we hope soon.

2023/24 we hope to see the Site finished building with the added various structures that can be moved around every month so that the games do not get too easy.

also in 2025 we hope to open an indoor CQB with a Cafe, indoor range and fully kitted out Airsoft/paintball Store (currently funding and planning applied for)...making NTAC even stronger and stronger for all our members.

We are based at Quarry House Woods,  Elemore Lane Pittington Durham DH6 1QQ (25 acres) just up from the turn off for the local school. We have to offer a Wide vast Game Areas containing many different Game themes, from a Large Wooded and CQB self built area with an Urban Village, Little Mexico (church, Huts, Police Station)  Kill House, Manor House, Twin Towers, Bunker Hill, Caravan Park,  Trench System and the all new COMPOUND "The Outpost", just for the added Realism to your day... Building work ongoing every week adding to the fun..

We have currently over 1000 active members (glad they don't attend at one time) 

We hope you will spend some time with us and enjoy with many the sport...

Our Vision.


At NTACentre our aim is to do all we can to make your day as safe and enjoyable as we can and we achieve this by the following (not all sites have the following)

  • A Fully DBS / CRB checked staff

  • Providing on site first aid by trained personnel

  • Fully serviced and regularly checked fire Extinguishers + Safety Kit

  • Onsite Toilets & wash areas

  • Site specific risk assesments

  • On site shop and NAFFI

  • FREE battery charging

  • FREE HPA bottle fills (BROKEN UNIT)

  • FREE tea/coffee

Company Profile.


All of your Airsoft adventures at Ntacentre are supervised by our experienced marshals (Some are EX-Military and others are experienced airsoft players over 20yrs experience) who will endeavor to give you multiple objectives and various game types which will throw you head first into the action.

Every time you arrive at NTACentre you will have a completely DIFFERENT gaming experience. No matter your age, skill or experience we guarantee you a great day out without the Hassle.


We have onsite unisex toilets. Not to mention a fully stocked onsite Airsoft shop and Tuck Shop.

FREE Tea/Coffee all day..

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